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Music has come a long way in the last thousand years. From Gregorian Chants to Mozart’s sonatas, the six musical periods are classified as Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th/21st Century. To provide some historical perspective, the Medieval Period of music ran from ca 500 CE to 1400 CE. It is the longest “period” of music since it covers about 900 years (it “began“ with the fall of the Western Roman Empire, after which the Dark Ages started — and lasted to the beginning of the Renaissance.)

The Ostrogothic Fantasy Orchestra (“Gothochestra”) is a group of seven composers from Germany, Sweden, and Belarus. We provide modern music based on classical styles for games, television, documentaries, and film. One of our specialties is creating iconic theme songs, often with a heroic, bold, and epic vibe.

We also specialize in custom-composed music related to history, folklore, magic, warfare, and fantasy. If you’re in need of high-caliber vocal tracks in the spirit of Jo Blankenburg, Steve Jablonsky, or Hans Zimmer (to name a few) we most definitely can help you. In addition, we can also provide deep and engaging male vocals and singing like Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and Rammstein.

For licensing & synch, get in touch with PAXINOMA aka Imperial North Music Agency.

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