Streaming Worldwide / April 16, 2020

Epico Cinematica, Vol 1

The Ostrogothic Fantasy Orchestra Album

Gothochestra provides cinematic music for games, television, documentaries, trailers, and film. Today’s debut release includes nine film and video game scores. The material covers adventurous, upbeat music as well as epic and heroic compositions — and last but not least — two horror-comedy tracks from Legendo Entertainment’s seminal Dracula Twins series.


  1. Alexander the Great (King of Kings Version)
  2. Attack on Pearl Harbor (Orchestral Version)
  3. Back to Back to the Future
  4. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (Main Theme)
  5. Dracula Twins (Original Main Theme)
  6. Brigands of Buccaneer Bay
  7. New Kingdom of Egypt
  8. Wanted Guns (Red Revolver Edit)
  9. Goblins on the Run (Dracula Twins Original Version)

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