Nine Monogram

The Ostrogothic Fantasy Orchestra is the collective effort of nine remarkably talented composers only known as the nine unknown men. The “Nine” are said to be old souls reincarnated without amnesia, born eyes wide open.

Each reborn uses his music and tonality to raise consciousness and awaken those not yet lost to eternal sleep. No one knows who they are, from where they came, or why they have chosen to return at this point in history.

The Nine remain anonymous to fans, foes, record labels, and friends.

Are You A Hero?

Music has come a long way in the last thousand years. From Gregorian Chants to Mozart’s sonatas, the six musical periods are classified as Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20-21 Century.

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To provide some historical perspective, the Medieval Period of music ran from ca 500 AD to 1400, medieval times. It is the longest historically recorded period of music at around 900 years. The Medieval Period “began“ with the fall of the Western Roman Empire, after which the Dark Ages started that lasted until the beginning of the Renaissance era that began in the 1300s.

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